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docuplex Teamwork Cloud

Secure access to your documents in the cloud from anywhere.

  • Fast and simple!
  • Secure and reliable!
  • Including 200km+ data backup!
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Important informations about the trial access:
  • The files in the trial accounts are regularly automatically deleted.
  • Administrative functions for creating, changing or deleting repositories, users, roles etc. are not available in the trial account.
  • All logged-on users in the trial account can access all uploaded files.

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What can docuplex do?

docuplex manages your files centrally.
If desired also in the cloud.
private or public.

  • Teamwork
    Ideal for departments, workgroups, associations, craftsmen, offices and other teams. You can easily share files with colleagues, friends and others. For this you simply send them a link to a single file. Or just add new users to give them more options.
  • Simplify
    Sharing of files with suppliers, customers and other contacts couldn't be easier. Instead of sending large files directly, store them only in docuplex. Then send the intended recipient only a link to this file. Done.

Besides the basic file management with its related functions to store, delete, rename, move and copy files docuplex offers among others:

  • Index-based search
    All filenames and additional information are managed in an index. Files are no longer searched, but simply found.
  • Annotations
    Every file and folder can also receive additional information of any size. Also these are managed in the index for rapid location.
  • Priorities and reminder
    Each file can have assigned a priority and a deadline for reminder. So you overlook anything and have an eye on what is important.
  • Tagging
    For each file one or more keywords can be assigned. That way various files are easy to find in different contexts. Index-based of course .
  • Various repository types
    With docuplex folders are organized in repositories. Each of them can get an access mode of its own. Choose: read/write, read only or auditable.
  • Versioning
    Versioning can be enabled optional for each repository. So docuplex provides convenient access to older versions of a file.

norpa CEO Christian Emmrich in an interview at Cristie Data:
10 things you always wanted to know about document management (in german language).